About Waterless

Plush’s waterless product has been specially formulated and perfected over time by our in-house chemist according to our specifications. Our product is eco-friendly, free of petrochemicals and contains polish. Our product is like no other product on the market.

Plush’s waterless product breaks down the dirt into smaller particles while at the same time puts a layer of polish on the body of the car. Then using a microfibre cloth, the layer of polish is wiped off and the microfibres pick up the all the dirt particles encapsulated in the polish.

And due to the dirt being encapsulated in the polish, there is no risk of scratching Then another microfibre is used to buff off the waterless polish residue.

Once the body of the car is clean, Plush then also adds shine to tyres and rims as well that will leave them looking new with our tyre products. Plush’s product takes an average time of 30 minutes when used on medium sized vehicles, is literally a car wash in a bottle, all the while saving water!

Strategic Partners

Plush has worked with a variety of brands providing our services at car shows, launches, sporting and corporate events.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the products won’t damage my car?

Our specially formulated product does not scratch. When the product is sprayed onto the bodywork, it breaks down dust and dirt into smaller particles and encapsulates the dirt in a layer of polish. After the product is sprayed and left for a few seconds, it is wiped off with a microfibre cloth. The microfibres pick up all the dirt particles, leaving only a thin layer of polish. The car is then lightly buffed with a different microfibre which removes any residue, leaving the car shining without any damage!

Are the products harmful?

Plush is committed to keeping all products environmentally friendly. There are no toxic chemicals like kerosene, caustic detergents or other petro-based ingredients in our products. Our product replaces these established “dirty” chemicals with an environmentally sound formula, made in an eco-friendly way.

My cars have wax polish on them.
What effect does the product have on existing waxed surfaces?

The waterless solution does not cut or remove paint, it simply breaks down the dirt, lifts it off and polishes the surface of the car. Our waterless solution can be used on an already treated/polished surface.

What effect will it have on the windscreen and windows?

Plush’s products will remove dirt, flies and insects with no problem. There is no need for a specific insect/tar remover and yes, it can safely be used on acrylic, perspex and glass windows.