About Plush Carwash

Plush is not just a car wash company but rather a car services company. We have always prided ourselves on being ‘more than just a car wash’. With our waterless carwash solution, we wash cars from any parking, any place, anywhere without ever sacrificing the service we give.

Plush is proudly owned by Neil Meyerowitz, who understands the needs of his diverse clients and has an overwhelming passion for his business, the car industry and the local communities he operates in.

Plush is passionate about creating the ultimate car experience; where service and quality are at the highest level and at the same time, building a brand that can be trusted and loved. Plush is constantly striving to be competitively priced and still provide a quality service. We believe in educating our clients on car care and maintenance through advice and attention. We are majorly passionate about empowering our staff members and believe in constantly upskilling. Plush has also recently branched out into the manufacturing and selling of our products as well as eventing.

Our aim is to take the hassle out of washing your car and that is why we offer a cost effective, convenient and eco-friendly waterless car wash solution. This is a safe, non-scratch, convenient wash. It is good for your car AND it’s good for the environment.

We offer our customers a convenient, high quality service while they work or shop. We use only the safest and best products on your car and our professional and knowledgeable staff will ensure that your experience has you coming back.


Through a lifelong passion and love for cars, Plush was established in 2009 by Neil Meyerowitz. With a strong background in traditional carwashes and the panel beating industry, waterless carwashes was the next step – with the goal of job creation, creating a seamless, quick and environmentally friendly solution – Plush expanded into Gauteng with its first waterless carwash in 2010.

In 2015 Plush expanded into offering their waterless solution to hospitals, golf courses and mobile waterless solutions in housing estates with a focus on saving water, providing a value-added service to these sectors.

2016 brought an expansion into corporate buildings and office parks as well offering our bespoke services to brands for launches, car shows, sporting and corporate events.

  • 2009

    Plush established in Cape Town

  • 2010

    Opened in Johannesburg

  • 2013

    Started to change the focus of the business from water to waterless

  • 2015

    Expanded into new markets INCLUDING golf courses & hospitals

  • 2016

    Launched mobile washing service at housing estates AND EVENTS

  • 2017

    Branched out to Dealerships and Rental Companies

  • 2018

    Manufacture and sale of products